About us

Our business model

At Franks måleri we are specialized in painting sailboats, cars and parts for the manufacturing industry. We also carry out paint jobs for private businesses or companies in need of painting services. Examples on such services are painting of quality furniture, or kitchen fixtures.

We have always strived for perfection. We want to deliver the same quality to the customer that we would want ourselves. Simply put, we want to have the know-how and quality mindset that is required for delivering world class paint jobs.

From cars in Franks garage to world class sailboats

Our story began as early as in 1997 with auto body repair and paintwork in Franks garage. In 2002 our current premises were built in Esse, a village in the countryside, right in the heart of the traditional core area of Finnish boat building. At 800 m2, we had all the space and equipment we needed at that time. Now we have expanded our premises to 1700 m2, equipped with high tech equipment which makes us able to deliver the paint jobs our customers expect. Our new equipment also improves the work environment for our employees, and saves the environment by letting us use less energy when we’re doing our daily work tasks.

In the beginning of year 2000 we began to paint parts for the sailboat manufacturer Nautor Swan. A few years later, in 2005, we began to paint decks and sailboats for Baltic Yachts. Today our boat painting team focus on offering complete solutions for painting hulls and decks for some of the world’s most luxurious sailboats. Besides this we continue to create paint jobs that score prize after prize in the worlds most prestigious yacht shows.

Our success lies in our constant pursuit for excellence and continuous improvement. Our motto “If it’s any less than perfect, we’ll redo” has been appreciated by our customers, both companies and individuals.