Auto paint shop

Franks måleri, located i Pedersöre, near Jakobstad, has a history of over 15 years of auto paint and body work. Besides cars, we also work on trucks and other vehicles. We are known for our uncomprominsingly high quality standards and attention to detail and always do our best to deliver on time. Our workers have the necessary education and know how required to do the best work possible. You can expect to have your car back from our services the week after you’ve turned it in to our auto paint shop.

It’s important to remember that the paint job on your car isn’t there just to make the car look beautiful. It’s also an important feature, which helps protect the body and frame of your car. If you have a damaged paint job your car will suffer damages to the frame and body, because the paint no longer protects it from outside threats, such as dirt and road salts. We don’t just do paint jobs as a part of car repair services. We can also give your car a fresh new color, or a completely unique color coat in for of a multi colored coating.

Our new facilities have a paint booth with a built in car lift, which will allow us to do even faster and more accurate results when working on our customers’ cars. The key to our success lies in our continuous strive to always evolve and deliver results of the highest possible quality to our customers. We follow our own motto “If it’s not perfect, we’ll do it over”, which is why you can always expect a superb result when you bring your car to our auto paint shop.

Contact us if you’re interested in learning more about our auto repair our auto painting services. You can also book a time to come and show us your vehicle, and in that way immediately get a cost estimate for the job to be done on your car.