Franks have expanded!

We have recently expanded our production facilities with around 900 square meters – more than double that of our old facilities! The new area has separate stations for washing, preparations, painting and finishing. This gives our business an increased work flow, and lets us do our tasks both more quickly and more efficiently than ever before.


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New paint booths

Included in the new facilities are two top of the line paint booths. One customized for painting cars, and the other one more suited for painting larger surfaces, like boat parts or even whole boats at a time. The smaller paint booth is specifically designed for painting cars, and has a Hercules car lift installed.

It’s possible to drive through both of the paint booths, and they are also equipped with a highly effective gas heating system combined with a heat-recycling ventilation which can be adjusted according to what object is being painted. This large amount of air circulation and the possibility to heat up the booths to 80°C help minimize the drying time of the paint, especially for metallic paints. It also improves both the working conditions and work safety for our employees. This solution is also a lot more environmentally friendly compared to traditional paint booths of the same type, since the heat-recycling ventilation decrease both the energy and fuel consumption of the company. These new Nova Verta booths will allow us to save up to 35% of our energy consumption per year, compared to similar booths.




The larger paint booth can be transformed to fit parts up to 16 meters long. This will come in handy for example when we are painting the hull of a boat. This booth also has a reinforced floor, which allows it to support even the heaviest of objects. Previously we have had to rig tents when painting objects this large, which has been both time consuming and tough work. Thanks to this new booth we can do all this under one roof.

The paint booths were ordered from the Italian company Nova Verta. A company with a long experience of creating tailor made solutions for professional painters.




Our new facilities will enable us to work more effectively and achieve a better end result under controlled conditions. Dedicated areas for every work task minimize the risk of spreading dust and unwanted particles whilst working with different tasks. This is a must if we want to continue delivering results which live up to the high standards our customers expect from us.

Thanks to these new possibilities we are looking forward to taking on even bigger challenges in the future!