Industrial finishing

We paint parts, moulds and patterns for the manufacturing industries

We carry out different kinds of painting tasks at a competitive price. From small parts to large moulds, we have experience with many different materials and types of work and are specialized in finding the right primer and paint for the right task. Our locales are specially designed with our business in mind, which lets us decide everything from heat to air humidity and ventilation inside the painting booths. Because of this we can produce large series with an extremely even surface finish. Our painters have extensive experience of working with painting different kinds of products. You name the desired end result – we make sure you get it.

Wet painting

There are numerous methods of painting industrial products. We have chosen to specialize in wet painting due to its many advantages. Wet painting works with superb results on most surfaces and materials. There’s a huge selection of colours and colour qualities available, and developing a new paint can be done with relative ease. It is also a very economical painting method.